I set up some of my images to have a visited state on a slide, we’ll call it Slide 1.  When the user clicks on the image, it lightboxes out to a different slide, Slide 2. When the user closes the lightbox, the 1st slide should have the image looking like it was visited. 


I am using the auto visited state so I don’t have to “build” out the visited triggers.  Anyway, when I test slide 1, the image goes to visited. When I test the whole scene and it jumps to the lightbox, the image does not return to look visited.  On slide 1, I do have the slide set to “resume to saved state”.  So I don’t think that is it.  Do you happen to know what the problem is? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Traci,

Thanks for sharing the file. I tested the individual scene (scene 2, which included the slide you mentioned 2.1) and I previewed the entire project, and clicking on the first post it for "Consumer diagnosis" showed the lightbox slide, and then the post it was grey upon returning to that slide which is it's visited state.

If you're seeing a different behavior could you confirm you're working on project files as described here?  Also, if you continue to see some odd behavior, can you share the exact steps you're going through to see this, i.e., which slides/scene you're previewing, which post its you're clicking on, etc.