States and images

I'm having trouble getting different images to appear for different states.  For example, I'm using the "Simple Tabs" template and I want a different image to appear in a tab (button) for the normal and selected states.

Here are the steps I'm performing. What am I missing?

  1. Click Edit States
  2. Select the "Normal" state
  3. Add a picture by going to insert>picture
  4. Click "Done Editing States"

After doing this the image stay's on the screen no matter what state the button is in.  The states are changing as they should but that image is staying on the screen even though I have it only set on the "Normal" state.  Do I also need to use a "Trigger" in combination with the "State?"

PS - I attached a test story file I am having this problem with.

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Phil Mayor

Hi Joe

This is how the normal state was expected to function.  All the other states are based on normal, you could achieve what you want using a locked state with the lock on, and then set the initial state to locked, this way you can unlock the button by setting the state to normal.

The other way to do this is to mask out the normal state by adding a button on top of hover etc which would hide the button below.

Not really a bug just the way that states work

David Anderson

Another option is to create image tabs for each of your custom states. It's a bit more work but you get pixel-perfect control over your elements.

One of our marketing demos used all images for the normal, hover and selected states. There were just too many subtle changes to control using basic states. But that's another reason SL is so flexible for quick and custom designs.

Doug Bedinger

I have another question regarding states:

I want to create a dial that rotates according to a variable value.  I have the variable working well, but want to rotate the pointer using the states feature.  When I edit states, then add a new state, I am unable to rotate the pointer object that I had created.  I can have it move to different places on the slide, but the rotate option is grayed out.  I also note that "free rotation" function I use in PowerPoint is also not supported.

Any suggestions?