States and Layers

Hello!  I'm having trouble with states.  I've created a "Visited" state on a series of 6 buttons.  Each button has a corresponding triggered layer.  I have all objects on the main slide hidden on each layer.  The problem is that when you click on the button, the layer shows, but so does the button in it's "visited" state.  I can't get rid of that.  Is that a bug?  Is there a work-around?


So I just tried to delete the "visited" state, and the button still appears on the layer, in it's original state. 

Ok, after trying that last step, I removed the triggers to "change state of" from each trigger, and that worked.  So it seems there's a bug with "Change state of" trigger.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teresa,

The visited state on a button is one that is applied automatically, based on the definitions here. So if you had also included a trigger that could be interfering with the elements of the buttons normal behavior. 

I'm glad you were able to figure it out though, and get it working as expected! 

Brent deMoville



This should work as you desire.  How did you change the color?  I made a quick example and double clicked on the visited state associated with the button and changed the color.  I did not have to make any special trigger to use the visited state.  It automatically changes when the button is clicked.  Can you share your story file for that slide?