States and the Seek Bar

I used states to change the text on a slide. Once it gets to a certain timeline it changes the state to reveal the new text. But I ran into a problem. If someone uses the seek bar to go back on the slide, the state doesn't change.

Example: State text changes at 15 seconds. If you use the seek bar to go back to the 10 second bar the text doesn't change to what it should have been at the 10 second mark. I know I could just use layers, but is there anyway to fix this?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cindy, 

The seekbar dragging isn't going to change those elements back - so perhaps instead you'll want to look at just setting elements to appear at different times on the timeline so text box 1 only is visible till 10 seconds, and then textbox 2 appears at that moment - so they're separate items entirely on the timeline.