states and trigger aren't working

Dear heroes,

I just can't understand what is wrong with a specific slide in my project - slide 1.3 in the file attached.

It's so basic yet isn't working. the states and the triggers on the "plus" icon aren't working.  when reviewing, the hover state isn't working, and when I click on the "pumpi group" it doesn't change the state of the "plus" icon to normal as it suppose to do.

I tried deleting the plus and using a different plus icon, I tried deleting all triggers and redoing them - nothing worked.

Helpppp please!


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Judy Nollet

The plus sign's Hover state works for me.


However, the blank/white areas aren't considered part of the object. So the mouse has to roll over one of the lines of the plus sign to show the Hover state. Similarly, the gas pump will only show its Hover state when the mouse rolls over the green parts. The Hover state goes away when the mouse is over the white/blank parts.

Judy Nollet

Thanks for the clarification. 

When an object is disabled, the Hover state won't work. That's because the Hover state is meant to indicate that an object is clickable.

Frankly, I'm surprised to see that the Hover state does work for the pump and the person "buttons."  From what I can tell, the difference is those are grouped objects. Your plus sign is a single object.

  • The grouped objects behave differently and show the Hover state of each object in the group even when they're disabled. 
  • When I preview the course, those grouped objects are also clickable, even when they're supposed to be disabled.
  • In other words, this is a bug in the software. You can report it here: 

I suggest you re-create the pump and the person as images, so you can insert those pictures as single objects. Then, like the Plus Sign, they won't show the Hover state when they're disabled, and they won't work until a trigger changes them to the Normal state.