States Do Not Save After Exiting a Course - Storyline2

I'm running into some really difficult issues with this course.  Have never had this happen.

- I have created a menu where the learner will return to the menu slide to click the next topic.

- The previous topic image should have a "check mark" indicating that the topic has been viewed. 

- I have variables and states set up to make this happen.  (BTW, I did the same with a previous course without problems.)

- It works beautifully, but after I exit the course and then return to test it, all of my states are "invalid status" --- please see my attached screenshot.

Thank you for your thoughts!





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Stephen Mills

What's the name of the state that shows the tick? 

If you click on Invalid State you should get a list of states on that page and just choose the correct one.

Things to look out for, If you've copied this page from another module, the triggers also transfer over to and will sometimes show a the Invalid State because the trigger is still reference the items from the page you've copied from, if that makes sense.

Char Larkin

Thank you, Stephen, for the feedback.  The State is one I created "Checked"  It works just fine.  When I close it out and the open the file again, the State has changed to "invalid State"- and "Checked" is no longer an option when clicking the drop down State Options.  Weird.  I've tried to reset the States three times with the same result. 

I can't remember for sure if I copied the slide from a previous course, or if I just started over fresh. 

I may have to start over from scratch with this slide to see if I can get rid of the bug.


Char Larkin

Stephen, thanks again for your feedback.  I decided to create the slide again from scratch and the same problem occurred.  What I did discover is that when I closed the file and opened again, my "checked" State would become an "invalid State."

However, when I looked at the actual States, they had automatically changed their labels from "Checked" to "Selected" - This told me that Storyline wants me to call these States "Selected." - I didn't know that I was locked into this certain State names.

So, I now have one new issue because I have three State settings for each image on my slide.  One is now not working, but I can still work on it to figure out.