"States" does it for me

My job is to sell and produce Custom Agendas for Schools.

Each customer get to build the look and feel of their agenda before we go to print.

The layout is build by the customer by choosing different modules that fit their needs. The final result is a double page spread showing a week at a glance calendar with all school events and other things in place.

Usually we send out a booklet containing all the choices available to build their own planner. They would fill a form and let us know their preferences (mini-calendars on the top right corner, Absences/Lates control, Communication Teachers/Parents, etc.).

My first real project with Storyline is the following.

I want to display the different components available and give them the capabilities to make their choices online.

I thought the layers was the way to go. Since the modules which has been picked remain on screen while they have to go on to pick the remaining modules, the layers approach had to be put aside.

Then I discoverd how to use the "states". It did it for me as you can tell by opening attached the story file.

For simplicity, I used colored rectangle to illustrate the different modules available.

There is 2 things I need to figure out.

- Is there a way I can use 2 arrows instead of 5 buttons to move back and forth within each rectangle ?

- The Submitting part puzzles me. Is the Print Screen the only way to get the result from the customer ? If so, does anybody has a piece of java script laying around witch would connect to the printer or by email ?

Thank you all

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