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Dec 04, 2012


I'm building a game like training - you got some money and each correct answer you get some more.

I wish to insert a flash element that will "grow" every time the user answer a correct answer.

I though to do this with variables and states - but found that i cannot enter states for a flash element.

(that mean i cannot hide a flash element as well...)

do anyone know what i can do to make this work?


(one more thing - i cannot play a flash by trigger only auto or by click)

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Michelle - 

To talk to a Flash file from Storyline and vice-versa, you'll need to leverage some JavaScript and variables. There's some complexity to it but once you get the communication setup it's smooth sailing. I use a polling mechanism in Flash to watch a variable from Storyline.

Take a look at this attachment for an example.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Since I don't know flash, I'm interested in the lo-fi. David, I downloaded the source. Tx for that. I know I'm showing my ignorance. Oh, well.

  • How did you create each "animated shape"?
  • You have two scenes. One is entitled "insert as swf" and the other "insert as movie." But since the objects on both are named "flashprogressmeter.swf", what is the difference in the way the two were created or inserted?
  • When I play the "insert as movie" scene, there's a slight delay before the "movie" - the progress meter - begins. But it looks like it starts on the timeline at 0, and I don't see any triggers that would introduce a pause or delay. Also, when I copy/paste these into a new SL (nothing else on the slide), there is no delay. What am I missing?

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