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Hi All,

I'm still trying to work my way around Articulate and am completely stumped. I have got 4 boxes that you can click on to go to different slides. I only want them to be able to click the 'next' button once they have gone through all 4 boxes. I thought that I would have had the states set up correctly but its not working. After clicking on the 4 boxes, nothing happens when you click next.

Can anyone see what I've done wrong in the screenshots?

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Wendy Farmer

Ok try this.

because Storyline built in states have specific actions sometimes you need to create a custom state and add triggers.

  1. duplicate the visited state of each button and name it 'completed' - you should be able to do it to one button then fomat painter for the others
  2. create a trigger to change state of button 1 to completed when user clicks button 1 - repeat this trigger for each button to change the state when clicked.
  3. change the next button  trigger conditions from button states = visited to the completed state you created.

hope this makes sense - shout out if you need help and it's easier if you share the story file - just use the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom if the post.

Also Tash when you reply via email all your signature details are displayed - you can gone into the forum and select edit to delete them if you don't want them public.


Tash Wagner

Thank you so much Wendy! I think I'm a lot closer again. I think that I have followed your steps however it is now showing me the slide after clicking button 4 but not showing my new scene again

I took screenshots of everything that I did because I can't upload the document due to there being sensitive information in there.

Tash Wagner

Sorry what I mean to say is that the slide after Button 4 has a trigger to go back to that "Main Menu" that has the 4 buttons so that it can go across to the new scene but it just stops on the slide after the Main Menu and isn't heading back.

Below is the slide it is now stopping on even though the trigger for clicking the next number is "Main Menu"