States happening too fast

I've created a menu page to break up the sections of a course. The learner navigates through the different sections of the course by clicking on a different buttons. I'm helping the learners track their progress by using visited states. There's even two buttons that are hidden at first but appear after all other buttons are visited. What I'm finding is that when the last button is visited (triggering the hidden button to appear), before the navigation to the page for the last button, the hidden button is appearing as the page is being navigated to. I want to delay the appearance of the hidden button until the user comes back to this page when all the buttons have a visited state.

Here's the page:

And here's my triggers:

The highlighted trigger is the one where I want a delay. And the next one down "change state".

Thank you!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

SL inbuilt visited state is triggered as soon as the user clicks. I'd suggest you duplicate the state and call it 'completed' then use that custom state in the trigger on return to the slide.

Create a true false variable that is triggered on the last slide of the topic,

then create a trigger to change state of xx to completed when timeline starts on menu slide on condition that variable = true

Melanie Sobie

You can sometimes fool it by adding a fade in animation. I often use a menu like yours, and then have a checkmark appear on the item that was previously visited. Trouble is, as soon as they click a menu item, the checkmark appears immediately prior to jumping/branching to the other section.

Example: Each of the numbered items in this menu need to be clicked on by the learner and then they branch to another scene. When they come back, the numbered item they completed has a checkmark.  In the visited state I have a check mark, which has a fade animation of .25. Usually that is enough time to keep the checkmark from immediately appearing.