States - HELP!

Hi All,

I'm having difficulty toggling between two states. I have triggers to the effect of  'change state of X to A when user clicks Y if Y is normal' and 'change state of X to B when user clicks Y if Y is selected'

But this doesn't work.  I know I can bypass this using variables but that really isn't a very viable solution especially as I'm developing clean and tidy templates for future use.

I'm sure that I have used this function before and never had this problem.  I really need to figure out what's happening.

Thank you in advance

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Harri C

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the file - essentially that is what I'm trying to achieve but without checkboxes. I set up a test in exactly the same way you did and it worked - however when I set it up without  the checkbox I'm back to square 1 (see attached .story the button changes state but the textbox doesn't)

Harri C

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you for the examples.

Ok I think I've found the issue - the button (image acting as a button) that I was using was part of a button set. Once I took it out of the set your trigger set ups worked no problem. So looks like my next task is manually setting up triggers to allow only one selected button at a a time....who knew there could be so much trigger fun to be had on a Friday afternoon. 

Thank you again for your help.