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Nov 30, 2013

Is there a limit to the number of states that can be added?  I have a graphic with 15 segments, each segment has different attributes I'd like to show when the user clicks one of the segments.  I want only that segment's attributes to show when they click.  Then I want the user to go back to the main graphic and be able to click on a different segment.

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Margaret H. Reitz

I am trying to understand layers, but I haven't quite got it.

I finally set the timeline so that the images appear one at a time and stay on for the duration of the slide. 

When I tried layers with a character appearing in the second layer I couldn't get the trigger to work.  I had the second layer appear on clicking the next button, but then I couldn't get the next button to work on the second layer.  SO the viewer is stuck on the slide - unless they go to the menu.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Margaret, 

The way I like to think of layers is as a transparent sheet with some additional information that lays on top of the base slide. Are you using a custom next button or the built in one? If it's a custom next button, you'll want to make sure that the layer properties allow the user to click on the base layer:

 You can also add triggers to the layer itself, so that it will close, or advance to the next slide if the user does something specific on the layer. 

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