States in Storyline

Hello all...

I'm building a slide using the built-in states "Visited" and "Selected" for several objects. I have the state changes triggered by the learner's use of a slider (i.e. moving to position 2 changes to selected; moving to "not" position 2 changes to visited). This works great. However, when I preview the slide, I am also able to click on the objects (discovered by accident!), which causes the state to change to "selected" and remain in the "selected" state.

Any way to ONLY have the states change via the slider? I don't want the learner to be able to click on the objects on the screen... 



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Katherine Rubino

I tried that (seemed like a very valid and simple solution, since you shouldn't be able to click on objects that are "below" others on a slide), but unfortunately, it didn't work, even though the shapes were on top of the objects with the states. I ended up just mimicking the built in states by creating my own, which don't seem to have the same issue with being able to be clicked. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

I was able to put a transparent shape over all those elements and then wasn't able to click on them. It's important to make sure it's transparent for the line and the fill - not just set to no fill/no line and I typically leave the transparency at like 98% just in case. I left the yellow line on this one just so that you could see how it looks.