States + interaction working in every browser BUT Firefox

Hello everyone,

I found out that some of our clients are having trouble with a particular slide in an e learning course that I've developed (Storyline 3)

Normally, there's a coin that one should drag and use to "scratch", like in the lotto games. It works perfectly in every browser, but in Firefox. The thing is, there are 3 "cardboards" to scratch, and the interaction works perfectly on the first (left) cardboard. The other two don't work at all. I was wondering if out there some Firefox/Storyline guru could have an idea of what could be the source of this issue. Quite frankly, we're clueless!

You'll find the file atached in a zip format.

Thanks a lot!

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Melissa Suarez

Hello Leslie,

Here you go. I think this is one on those cases when you just have to
remake the whole slide.... We’ll find out.

Thanks for your help and your reply... Let me know if you can find anything.
I guess I give up.


Melissa Suarez del Real Adalid

E.learning Developer