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Sep 24, 2018

On this slide I have help text that is toggled on and off by a change in state. It's almost working. However the text "Sometimes there is a ? ..." is on the Normal state, but when it switched to Selected state this sentence remains on the screen - even though the sentence is not in the Selected state.

What am I missing? 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Paul!  The selected state behaves in a predetermined way.  It shows as a combination of the normal state, plus whatever other changes you make.  It's similar to what's described here for the disabled state.

I duplicated your selected state and named it "chosen."  Now it's a custom state, and it won't fulfill any manifest destiny that Storyline has created for it.  😆  I just had to create a trigger to change the state since it isn't a built-in state.

Check out your modified project file, and let me know if that gets you closer!

Paul Tottle

I'm still missing something. Now it's not toggling off and on, only on. the trigger switched to an ON state. But I'm not clear on how to do the logic for it to toggle.

I thought the Normal --> Selected states was a good solution because the user can switch on & off repeatedly and as needed, to display instructions. 

I could use the Normal --> Selected and just find another way to trigger the text that was included in the Normal state. (Done that. That works.)

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