States not changing after variable change

Hi everyone,


I ran out of tables I could smash my head into, so here goes:

I'm currently working on a topic where I want to allow the user to explore (avoiding linear learning flow and supporting exploration instead). I need to show the user where they've been and where they still need to go. I'm controlling this using variables. I have a landing  page with 4 images (two visible in attached example). When ever the user clicks one of the images he/she is taken to a specific slide. When the timeline on that slide starts a value is changed. When the user revisits the landing page (they can't avoid that) a hidden image should be set to state normal depending on the value of a variable. It doesn't work (although it should). I have tried with true/false and the attached example both uses value = done and value greater than 0. Still doesn't work. The value of the variable is written on the landing page and it does change as programmed - but the states of the hidden images do not. Thoughts?

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