States not changing between scenes

Mar 30, 2016

Hi all

I have a menu page where each chapter is locked before a user can proceed. 

I have figured out how to lock each chapter until the previous chapter is complete. (I added a variable that adds 1.00 each time the user clicks the last icon at the end of each chapter-the house image.)

But my states will not change when a chapter is complete.

The idea is when Introduction to S&OP is complete the complete state is displayed and the S&OP Process changes to unlocked.

I have added a trigger for Introduction to S&OP to change its state to completed if the variable(overall) is greater than or equal to 1.00.  Which it does not.


Please if someone can help, I can't figure this one out!

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Cary Glenn

Hi Anastasia,

Is it possible for you to attach a stripped down version of the course? A couple of things come to mind. Often with variables the "when" becomes an issue. Also the order of triggers can mess you up, the variable change should be before the slide jump. Have you tried using the insert reference feature to make sure the variables are changing? Finally, you might want to consider a true/false variable instead of a number variable, number variables can be a bit tricky at times as the person could find ways to cheat.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anastasia,

As Cary mentioned, trigger order is crucial for things like this and it's easier to see it if you're able to share the .story file here with us. You can attach it using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window. Also you may want to review the information here about trigger order and how they'll be executed. 

Wendy Farmer


I have updated your file triggers a lot.  I also named things in the timeline to make it easier to help and make sure I was using the correct objects.  Your first instruction was to click here (which I took as the lock) and so all my triggers were based on the user clicking the lock for each section.  You may need to rejig this if you want them to click on the words.

You also had some icons with a visited state and some with a completed state - so I made them all with a completed state and updated the triggers.  The lock will turn to green in a visited state as soon as you click on the icon which I didn't think was what you were after.

I also put your variable reference on the screen so you could see when it is being triggered.  The way it was set up it was never firing so I updated those triggers also - moving them to the menu slide.

Anyway hope this helps you.

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