States not working correctly when published to the web

I have built a training course (proprietary, so I can't post it) that is not behaving normally when published to the web. A lot of the states are failing to show up or change. For instance, I have an object whose state is invisible until an earlier object is correctly placed on a drag'n'drop target. Then the second object (the invisible one) should become visible. Or I have some d'n'd objects that change colors depending on there location on the right or wrong drop target. In both cases, everything works fine when I take the course locally and when published to an Amazon web service site, but not to my company's server. Have others experienced this? Is there some setting I need to enable on the local server that would be affecting the states? Thanks.

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Brian Dennis

Sounds like your company's server may be blocking access to resources, or configured to identify some of the resources (images, scripts, audio, etc) incorrectly. I'd imagine the support folks would need technical details about the server to help troubleshoot. The fact things work on third party services like Amazon narrow things down to your server