states only working one direction

Apr 10, 2018

Hi there,

I am in the early stages of this slide (please see attached).  I am trying to have the learner click on the number to refer to a number of summary words.  There are 18 numbers in total.  When I preview the slide, clicking onto the number 18 to 1 works but when I try to do this from number 1 to 18 this does not.  Any suggestions what I have done incorrectly?     


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Susi B

Hi Wendy,

you used the states wrong. I see you have already used a button set, but you deleted the state "selected". You have to build your visited state into the selected state and then it works. The visited state is overlapping so logically 1 is over everthing else (because its on top of the timeline) and because it´s not switching back to normal or anything else without text in the middle, that´s why you can´t see the others.

I hope this makes sense. I build it only for number 1 so you can see whats happening when switching between any number and 1.


Edit: It´s slide 1.3 btw. :D

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