States somehow blending?

I've built an interaction where the learner hovers over a series of characters to learn more about them, and then makes selections. When the correct answers are revealed, the characters change to a different state.

I want users to be able to go back to the hover state to see why they were correct/incorrect. However, some characters are showing the reveal state combined with the hover state. This causes the characters to jump around in a visually unappealing way.

This is a bit difficult to explain, so I've attached the individual slide. 

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Norm Cousineau

Hello Victoria, I looked at your file and I think this is what's happening.

You added a stated called "Reveal" which is not one of the default states for characters. So if you switch to that state then hover over the character, Storyline will not combine the states.

I tried this on your file: added a Storyline "Visited" state (which appears in the drop down menu when you add a state). Pasted the character from the Reveal state into the Visited state. Changed the trigger to show the Visited state instead of Reveal. That worked, but there's still the issue of the hover text appearing behind the character.