States & Trigger not functioning well


I have a slide that has 3 boxes & when you click on one box, it displays a layer with information. 

What I want:

  • when a box is selected it shows "selected" 
  • when I click the next box, I want the previously selected box to show "visited" & the box I click to show "selected"

My problem:

I have states set up & triggers, I can get the box to show "selected" but not "visited" without clicking a second time on the box that is selected. If I click the "selected" box once it selects, it twice it shows visited. 

I've attached the slide so that you can see exactly what I mean, it's hard to explain well. 

Thank you in advance, for your assistance! 

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Bérengère LITTY


I tried your way Tom. Thanks for the useful tuto. 

However I have a problem with textboxes. The text of the normal state is kept in the other states and overlaps with the other states specific layouts.
Why is that ? I attached the .story file. I don't see what I did wrong. Can you help ?