States & Triggers

I have a slide with 9 objects on it, each object has 2 triggers, and 3 states: Normal, Hover and Visited.

When the user hovers over an object, the hover state is shown.  (Glow effect)  When the user clicks on the object, it takes them to a layer for more information, and then the user clicks out of the layer (using a button) and they return to the original slide, and the object they clicked on is shown in the "visited" state to indicate that they have seen that object.  The "visited" state is just like the normal state, but with a red box around it.

My problem is that on one of the objects, the "visited" trigger doesn't work.  Either that or the "visited" state doesn't work.  But all triggers work on all other objects.  Has anyone experienced this?

I have verified that all objects are identical in their triggers, and have even deleted and re-created the one that doesn't work.

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Harri S

Hi Teresa,

It's difficult to trouble shoot without seeing the file but here's a thought. Have you triggered the state changes? If you use the custom state names Storyline often already knows what to do with them i.e a hover state will just work without having a separate trigger. In the past we've found that if you do add the triggers (effectively duplicating them) you can see some erratic behavior/loss in functionality.

Let me know if that helps.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Teresa,

I was able to find the case (#00327718). Looks like it's already been assigned to John. However, I'm going to take a look and see if I can get this working for you. If I can, I'll either update this thread, or send you a private message. If I can't figure it out, we'll see if John can help us with this.