States vs. Timeline

I'm struggling with this slide, and am hoping for some help. I initially had it so that my "Popup"s all came up only on mouse hovers of my "Small"s. But some were overlapping, so I tried to move all my "Popup"s to the top of my timeline. This didn't work, because then they showed when they shouldn't. 

I also though I could do it with a State, as you can see on 1Popup, but it's not working. And I can't move the order in the triggers. Please help!!!

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Walt Hamilton

Objects appear according to where their left edge is on the timeline, and disappear according to where their right edge is on the timeline. How close to the top of the timeline they are governs which objects they cover, and which ones cover them. (Top ones cover bottom ones.)

Giving an item a state named hover invokes the built-in actions for the hover state.

I previewed the narration from the timeline to determine the appropriate moments for the appearances and disappearances. Pressing "C" causes a cue point to appear on the timeline.