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May 30, 2019

Hi guys,

I have a problem with an exercise I built.  It's based on a free-form question slide.  The user needs to enter the correct value into the text entry.  When they hit enter, feedback is generated with a correct or incorrect icon next to the text entry field.  This feedback is in the form of a shape with two states: correct and incorrect.  If you set up the variables for correct only, it works.  However, when you add the second set of triggers to display incorrect on the variable conditions, it overwrites the triggers for correct.  What baffles me, is that I did the same exercise format six months ago, and that Storyline file works perfect with thrice the amount of text entries to verify and check! So, my question is: what am I doing wrong? Story file is attached.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Lisa,

There is a reason why your triggers were not working. With your incorrect triggers you have used OR when you should have used AND in the conditions.

For example, with the potatoes you have said that it is incorrect if the answer is not equal to 720 OR 720g OR 720 g and so, if any one of these are typed in, the fact that it is not equal to either of the other two will generate an incorrect answer. The reason why rearranging the triggers appears to work is because this answer is then being overwritten by the next trigger which changes the markpotato icon to Correct because 720 is a correct answer.

If you change the conditions in your incorrect triggers to AND, all the triggers will work correctly whichever order they are placed in.

I also noticed a minor error in your potatoes triggers where you had used 720g twice in the conditions. The second one presumably should be 720 g.

Lisa van der Westhuizen

Thank you Ned.   I did pick up the duplication of 720g.  I did initially set the triggers to AND first and got the same result.  I switched to OR and it made no difference, which is why I stuck to OR.  But thanks for explaining it.  I'll be sure to remember to pay careful attention to AND and OR conditions.

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