Status after graduating quiz in LMS is 'hidden', not 'passed'


I uploaded quiz prepared in Storyline on our LMS (WBT 4system). After graduaiting quiz the status is 'hidden'. I prepared quiz from very beggining so there are no hidden slides. Also i changed DEFAULT_EXIT_TYPE = EXIT_TYPE_FINISH and uploaded quiz once more. Nothing have changed. Content uploaded from Quizmaker to our LMS has got right status. Someone knows how to fix it? Thenks in advance!

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Gerry Wasiluk

Quick question--what do mean exactly by the status is hidden?

And you are publishing to SCORM and then editing the configuration.js file?

Have you compared a Quizmaker configuration.js file (in a course that is working) to one in a Storyline course not working to see if there are differences?

What status does the LMS record after the content is exited--or is no status getting recorded?

Tomasz  K

An employee after logging into LMS can see all his courses. This course has got his status. In this field there is value 'hidden'. But when he drills down inside this quiz there is information that it is passed.

Firstly i edited configuration.js, after i published and uploaded into LMS. SCORM 1.2 option is selected.

I will have to check Quizmaker cofiguration.js.

Staus in LMS is 'hidden'.

Gerry Wasiluk

By chance have you tested the course in the SCORM Cloud?  Might get a clue from there.

You can get a free account there and do some testing (or graduate up to a paid account later if needed).

The site is maintained by Rustici and Associates (SCORM.COM), who also helps Articulate with AICC and SCORM.

Might be worth a try.

Tomasz  K

Thank You i will surely try this solution to find answer and share it if it will give some possitive results. It will be nice to solve this problem, because users want to see the status of their course/quiz. They feel confused when they have done the test,  have passed it and there is no positive information about it on first side of LMS.