Status of acknowledged bugs?

Is there a master list of acknowledged Storyline bugs posted somewhere?

My colleague opened a support case a couple of weeks ago, and tech support has acknowledge that it is a software bug. Today we realized the full magnitude of the issue--it is a major showstopper, and we desperately need a patch. How can I find out the status of progress toward fixing this bug?



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Ray Cole

Hi Nancy and Peter. Thanks for replying. The case number is #00299814. I was in a bit of a panic when I posted originally. Since then, Justin Wilcox and Adrian Dean have both responded. Adrian says the fix for my bug is in Storyline Update 2, which is currently in Beta. They've added my colleague to the Beta test list, so he should have the fix soon, though we've had a bit of trouble downloading the patch (getting a "404 Not Found" error when we follow the supplied link) and I am not sure what the status of that is as I write this post.

As for working around the issue, that seems unlikely because the issue is that buttons start to display incorrectly and eventually stop working if you visit the page too many times, where too many times is about 3 or more. If you allow learners to select pages out of the menu tab, or back up by clicking Prev, then you are open to encountering this bug. Since locking down the navigation is not an option, I really need this bug fixed.