Staying on a slide!


Attached is a sample story I have created. Slide 2 is a Drag & Drop slide which users have 3 chances to get right. If they get it wrong they are given the choice (from the incorrect layer) to see the correct answer. If a user clicks on this option they are taken to the correct answer layer. So far so good! On the correct answer slide I would like users to be able to click on each of the 5 orange speaker icons to hear each French word repeated. They should remain on this layer until they click on the 'Return To Lesson' box to move to the next slide. However at the moment when you click on the orange speaker icons on the correct answer layer you hear the French but are immediately taken away from the correct answer layer. I've checked my triggers and can't see why this happens.

Any help would be gratefully received.

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Christophe Breemersch

Hi Paolo,

when the student click on the icon to hear French, you open a different layer (the one for french).

So your correct answer layer is closed then.

When they click somewhere on the French-layer it closes your French layer and you go back to the base layer.

That is the reason, I think.