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Aug 03, 2012

I want to be able to create a simulation using an existing screen recording created in camtasia studio.  I see that I can create a test mode steps with a screen recording created in storyline, but I don't see an option to import an existing video (created in a different program) and convert it to an interactive simulation.  Is that possible?  thanks!

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Mike Enders


There's no stock process for converting a video into an interactive simulation.  Mainly because Storyline hasn't recorded where you've clicked, etc.

This could be done  manually, but it wouldn't be as smooth as doing the recording natively in Storyline. Basically, you'd have to bring your video in, slice it into slides, add hotspots, etc.  Quite honestly, if it's a long video, it would be much easier to just re-record in Storyline.

If you experiment with this, we'd love to see you results!

Hope this helps!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maria!

Although there isn't a built-in feature that would allow you to record on a Mac screen, I have heard of folks recording their Mac screen with another tool (like Peek), then recording over the Peek video with the Storyline screen recording tool while clicking for each step. It's not the most ideal solution, but it may help you achieve what you're looking to do. 

We're continuously exploring new features, and customer input is extremely valuable in that process. If you'd like to chime in with your feedback on this, please share your thoughts with us through a feature request!

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