Step-by-step Test mode - drop down menu item highlighted

Sep 17, 2012


I have a new challenge for you all. Currently I am creating courses for a new software program.

We show students a step-by-step procedure and want them to reproduce the steps later on. Now, if I use the recordings of the steps to make a step-by-step Test the correct item in a drop down list will be highlighted. 

This way the student will always know what drop down item is correct.

Can anyone tell me how to delete the highlight in the drop down menu?

Thank you for all your suggestions.

Kind regards,

Chris Smit

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megan jonas

Hi Everyone,

Drop-down menu highlights reveal themselves before being clicked in all view, try, & test modes.

The workaround I came up with involves exporting a frame from before the hover appears and then inserting that image over the recording in the timeline. This extra step adds time to production. 

Has there been any effort to improve this 'glitch'? Do any of my fellow production people have a less tedious workaround?

Would prefer a response that doesn't include a tutorial link on using Storyline Articulate. Something I can use to explain why it happens on the next call with client.


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