Step by step video bug with slide dimension

Hello, I have a pretty big issue due to a bug.

It seems to be collerated with the slide dimension but I don't know how.

(My slide dimension is 1400/900 and it can't be different)

When I capture a video with storyline's tool and then convert it to a step by step format, the small video in each slide appears twice in each slide as in the picture attached.

It does it on my most recent video and all my new ones but not my oldest one. And it does it on every file I have, old and new ones.

Do you have a solution ?

Thank you

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Martin,

Thank you for reaching out!

How odd! Screen recordings shouldn't be doing that when inserted as a Step by Step video. A couple of questions for you on this:

  • Are you using a second monitor when creating a screen recording?
  • May I ask what the resolution settings are on your desktop? 

I look forward to hearing more as we pinpoint what the issue is!