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Crystal Horn

Hey Susan!  If you'd like to use your Screen Recording in other projects, you can follow these steps for exporting the recording and making it available for use again and again.

Also, if you wanted to keep the entire project you're working with (including the screen recording slides) as a template, you save that project as a template as described here!

I hope that information is helpful!

Wendy Farmer

You won't record onto the layout...you will apply the layout to the recording screen using the image I pasted above.

Highlight the slide > Home tab > Layout then select the layout that you want. 

If of course your recording size is the size of the story file you won't be able to see the layout behind it.  Is your recording a smaller size so that it doesn't take up the whole screen?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Susan

are you unchecking the option 'hide background graphics' on the layout. Right click the slide that has your master layout applied, then format background option.


This is a sample I just did - I'd definitely need to tweak my layout to match how the screen recording sits on the slide but it does work

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susan,

I'm sorry for the difficulty that you've had here - and the screen recording slides can be a bit tricky as they do become a part of the background in the sense that they can't be moved or rescaled and cause issues with the screen recording. With that in mind, as Wendy mentioned if it's recorded at the same size as your story size - you won't be able to see things from behind such as what's on a master slide. 

As Wendy mentioned, when you insert screen recording as a step by step slide, you'll need to go to the slide and uncheck the box on the Format Background window for "Hide background graphics." Your information from the master slide should appear than (as long as it's not underneath the screen recording itself).

You can select all the slides (using the shift key) and then right click, find the "Format background" option and then uncheck the "Hide Background graphics".