Sticky hover state on a particular situation

Hi there,

I have a sticky hover state on a button only when a particular event happen;

--For design purpose we decided to go with custom submit button on quiz and default navigation for the course.-- 

That custom submit button has 3 states; normal, hover and down. The sticky hover state only happen if a learner forget to answer the question. The message box pop out, reminding the user to make a choice. After closing the message box, the state of the custom submit button stay on hover. Learner needs to hover over it again in order to reset the state.

I've been trying to included it in a button set (with only one button), set a trigger on itself to change state to normal once press, add a visited state, change the when revisiting condition of the slide to reset to initial state, nothing seems to work.

The message box popping is somehow blocking the next event.

Any idea? Am I missing something?

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Richard Lorrain

Good morning, for some.

Find attached the .story file. Once again, when the learner makes no selection, submit and the Message box show up, it somehow jinx to the last state the button was.

Although not a show stopper, I usually craft every assets to its potential. The actual file will be revised by the client and we'll see from there.

It is in french.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Drake

I get the same behaviour as you with the button not returning to normal state.

I created a new button and tried that. I also duplicated the built-in hover state. created a custom hover state, deleted the built-in state and used triggers to trigger to hover then trigger back to normal the custom state and it still doesn't work.

A previous fix that worked for me was to delete all other states i wasn't using e.g. down, visited, disabled and I tried that but still didn't work.

Perhaps upload to support and get Wilbert to wave his magic wand:-)  

Sorry I couldn't be more help.