Sticky Sliders

I have a customer that I have built a series of courses for them. They are complaining that the sliders are sticky... and that they do not move easily. Does anyone have any experience with this complaint or suggestions for overcoming it? 

I do not find the sliders sticky, but I have using triggers to display a new layer when the slider reaches a certain variable. Obviously until you reach that point on the slider, the new layer does not appear and it does not appear to do anything. I have made my sliders fill the width of the slide, so if there are 5 or 6 layers to display, they are moving it a little before the layer displays.

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Meaghan Lister

The content is being tested in the intended LMS.  It is a proprietary LMS that accepts scorm compliant courses.

I'm attaching a few slides from my course including one that has the slider issue. As I mentioned, I don't really think that it isn't working correctly, just that the client isn't finding it user friendly and feels that the staff would start to slide the slider, not see anything happening quickly and abandon / ignore the screen altogether and therefore not get to the rest of the steps in the process. I could change the sliders to a tabbed interaction but I have made a series of nine courses and use tabs in several places in each of the courses already.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Meaghan -- Many thanks again for your patience while I ran through some testing. As you can see when you click on this link for your published output on the SCORM Cloud, it does seem that the slider you mentioned appears to 'stick' a bit or requires multiple clicks or attempts to drag the slider. I'd actually like our Support Engineers to weigh in here to see if they can offer any additional suggestions to improve or address this behavior to make it function more smoothly. I will create/submit a ticket on your behalf and you will be hearing from a member of that staff after they have had a chance to run through some testing for you, as well. 

Cédric Froehlich

Hi Meagan and Christine,

Just wondering... It looks like cursors doesn't move until the mouse reaches the next step position... Have you tried to add more steps but? Ie, make the entire slider 60 steps, and set your triggers to show layers on steps 10, 20, 30, 40, etc instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...

Not sure if it's clear, but i wonder if it could make it...

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cedric! I wanted to stop in and provide an update on Meaghan's case in with our Support Engineer, Renato, for review. Earlier today, he replied:

"I have completed my testing and I also did not find the slider to be sticky. It can be that the slider is thin and partially exposed. The user may have been clicking outside the slider and when they drag the slider it would not respond. I would recommend adjusting the slider size and expose the whole slider. 

Regarding the layer that will not show until it reaches a certain point on the slider. It's by design that the 2nd layer will only appear when you reached the point on the slider. Thus having a long slider would appear as if the slide layer is not changing when dragging the slider. 

Meaghan, if you would like to follow up or reply to Renato after his response, please be sure to do so via email so that all correspondence can be tracked accordingly in your case. Thanks and hope that helps shed a bit more light! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Meaghan - Yes, it appears that Renato sent his reply within the past hour, and I am showing 1/22/2016, 1:24 PM as the date/time stamp for his reply.

May I ask if you received the initial confirmation email that was sent when you case was initially accepted in our system at 10:23 am today? On occasion, emails from are rerouted to your SPAM folder by mistake, so please check there and let me know if you have indeed received them. If not, I will be sure to note that in your case, and we'll see what more we can do to ensure you receive replies from Support moving forward! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Meaghan -- My next theory is that perhaps the email address we have on file for you could be out of date (as I see the last time it was used for a ticket in our Support system was back on 1/20/2014)? I want to protect your privacy, so I would rather not share that email address in it's entirety here in the thread, but would part of your current email address be "cpkn"? Does that make sense? 

Christie Pollick

Meaghan -- SUCCESS! I received the 'dummy' ticket, and I will update your contact info with the new email address on your account. I will then go ahead, and forward your previous ticket with replies from Renato to you, so that you are able to continue to correspond with him if you need additional assistance. Thanks for your patience!