Still no full screen options?

I'm horrified to learn that there's still no way to make an elearning module created in Storyline full screen.  Is this a feature that's currently being developed?  Am I missing the latest update saying that I just need to click a new button?

I dread going to my boss and saying, "That software that I convinced you to buy?  Yeah, we can't make the modules created by that software full screen.  We should have bought Adobe Captivate."

I see work arounds posted (from 3-4 years ago!) but this doesn't help me if it only works in HTML and not HTML5.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mahes,

Based on your image and overall set up - that's as large as the Storyline screen can go. You'll see it's scaled to fill the entire height of the browser window, and at the largest width without changing or stretching to fit further. If it were to stretch that would change the overall appearance and quality of how your course would look while viewing it. 

Also I noticed you were viewing the published output locally and we do always recommend testing it by uploading it to the intended publish environment as detailed here. 

Victor Madison

I am totally baffled that there is not a tutorial on how to setup a full screen player with no borders or player features like the one shown in the "Simple Player Tabs" demo.  I still don't know how it is done but I used this template and it displays the SLIDE over the full screen - just what I wanted to do.  Why hasn't someone on the Articulate team used this demonstrate how to setup a Full Screen type display?

I looked through numerous articles and discussions and just stumbled across this by accident.  Not a happy camper, but I finally found a template that I could use for my project.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victor,

Looks like we may have posted at the same time. In regards to going truly full screen it's going to depend on a few different factors such as your story size, the player/browser settings you're using, devices on which it's displaying and then if you've removed those player elements as shown in the tutorial I linked before. 

I am not sure which template you're using (there are a bunch out there with easy tabs set ups!) but if you've got the link to it handy I'm happy to take a look and weigh in on the set up. 

Victor Madison

Thanks Ashley for the reply.  this is very frustrating not to have this simple option available in Storyline.  There are a gazillion people who have posted request (Full Screen Option) and yet there is still no simple fix.

I stumbled across the SL-Tabs-Template that "sort-of" displays in full screen.  All I want to do is produce a CBT module (CD Mode) that displays in full screen (no seek, menu, navigation).  I will add the navigation within the content of the actual slide.  Why is this such a difficult task?

I did produce the module using the Chromeless Player instructions.  There is still a border around the actual slide.  Do you have a template that I can use to achieve the results I am looking for.


Ron Price

Hey Everyone,

Here is a quick "peek"  at how I built the sample I referenced above -

Feel free to reach out with questions.  I have attached the story as well if it helps.

Ana Kruljevic

I realize you can modify the player and story size to appear as if it's full screen (no borders, 1920x1080), but it's still not truly full screen (i.e. it doesn't fill the browser window - even if you put the browser in full screen mode). See example.

This is both frustrating and deceiving because in the promo for Articulate 360, outputs appear to be full screen on all devices:

Your solution is a decent alternative, Ron. But it is limiting in terms of design possibilities.

Victor Madison

Thank you very much Ron.  That was very helpful.  that is basically the same as the Chromeless Player. As pointed out by Jordan, it is still not a "true" full screen display of the actual slide.  It just changes the colors of the borders to match the slide background color to give the appearance of a full screen.  This would not work if I used a photo for a background in my slide.

Since this is as close as one can get to StoryLine to "look" like a full screen display, I will use your technique for my project.  Thanks again for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin,

Are you using Storyline 2 or Storyline 360? The latter will use the responsive player if you're viewing it on other devices such as your mobile device or tablet. The responsive  player is described here. That was only introduced as a part of Articulate 360 and therefore it won't work for Storyline 2.

Robin Wooten

Thanks, Ashley and all of you, for these posts. The responsive player works great on all the devices I tested so far and love this feature - very helpful as my students have diverse home environments and this will help enable access more easily for them. My problem was in - first not realizing that the responsive player feature does not apply to regular computers and then- in thinking that choosing to fit content to browser window and maximize the browser window would make it full screen on a regular computer (what I used to do in studio). I did play around with the player size and read the tutorial on that but frankly that tutorial was beyond my skill/comprehension level. Perhaps that might be re-written at some time to be more clear for (insert your own adjective here) people like me who have no computer skills but are plugging away in hopes of making a difference? I still have no idea about the pluses and minuses of using the different ratios in size. I finally used 1920x1080 as my player size as stated in this thread and I have the big, dramatic size I was looking for to make the most impact. Is there a drawback to this size on some computers? It still does have the non-presentation bands on the sides (maybe I just have a large/wide monitor?) but I can do without this aesthetic as I am more focused on function so I am quite happy with it how it looks on my monitor. Again - i love the responsive player - it is a definite factor in my leaning towards an articulate 360 purchase. I also greatly appreciate that this company is so responsive about answering questions - even simple ones like mine. Thank you.

Ana Kruljevic

Hi Robin - your output will adjust to any device/browser size if in your Player Settings you select "Display at user's current browser size" and "Scale player to fill browser window". Here's a quick tutorial on changing browser setting.

Any response from Articulate staff on why it's impossible to achieve the effect demonstrated in the promotions for 360?