Still no full screen options?

I'm horrified to learn that there's still no way to make an elearning module created in Storyline full screen.  Is this a feature that's currently being developed?  Am I missing the latest update saying that I just need to click a new button?

I dread going to my boss and saying, "That software that I convinced you to buy?  Yeah, we can't make the modules created by that software full screen.  We should have bought Adobe Captivate."

I see work arounds posted (from 3-4 years ago!) but this doesn't help me if it only works in HTML and not HTML5.


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Brian Allen

Nicholas, incorrect my friend... take a look at the screenshot again... It's "Resize browser to Fill Screen".

Default. Native. Built-in functionality.

Honestly, why would someone want anything more than full screen browser? Anything else would seem to be detrimental to accessibility?