STL-2 Multiple Quiz Results Slides & Cumulative Results Scoring

I've looked through the forum and I have not seen an answer that helps me achieve what I am looking for. I'm hoping someone with more experience can assist me. I hope I'm using the correct terminology .....

My course: I have 11 Chapters and each chapter has it's own chapter quiz questions. There is also Quiz Results slide for each chapter.  The Learner must pass each chapter quiz to proceed to the next chapter.

Each Chapter Quiz Result slide is setup to calculate results by "selected questions".

I have a final Course Quiz Results slide that I use for reporting to LMS that is setup to calculate results by "selected results" slide.

All of this is working just great!!


What I would like: On each Chapter Quiz Results slide I would like to show the Learner the "cumulative score results" (points and percentage) that they are achieving as they progress through each chapter of the course. I am getting the individual chapter quiz results and that works great. Is this possible somehow? 

Thanks in advance for any help!!

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