STL 360: No audio even though there is an audio track

Storyline 360 Windows 7

Any advice on where audio would disappear to? The stage shows an audio icon. The timeline shows an audio placeholder but no audio track. 

I have to move forward so I am just going to recreate the audio tracks again but does anyone have any ideas as to what happened? It on all the slides of my project.


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Katie Saunders

Here is a copy of the STL file. Notice how there is no audio on: 2.1 - 2.5 however those slides all show a speaker icon on the stage and an audio track in the timeline.

And then boom, starting with 2.6, the audio is there, visible and audible.

It's a pain to recreate the audio so if I could know how this happened, I would really appreciate it!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Katie,

I'm really sorry you've run into this problem. I opened your file, and I also could not hear audio on slides 2.1-2.5. Like you mentioned, the audio placeholder in the timeline is blank.

I tried importing the slides into a new project, but unfortunately that didn't help. From here, I'd like our Support Team to take a look. I've opened a case on your behalf, so keep an eye out for an email from us.