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Vincent Scoma

Hi Katie,

Thank you for reaching out! I haven't seen any current issues around the behavior you are describing. However, that shouldn't be happening to you! 

Let's start by trying a simple repair of Storyline to see if that resolves the issue. After performing the repair, if the problem persists, I would like our Support Engineers to help take a look! You can connect with our team here

Please let us know how the repair works out! 

Katie Saunders

Sadly, uninstalling and reinstalling did not work.

The first time I clicked Player after the reinstall, it froze.

It seems to be all about the Preview pane. Sometimes the Preview never loads, it just freeze off the bat so if the 3 dots in the preview aren't moving, I know I'm gonna get the "stopped working error" next.

But if the Preview ends up loading, I know it'll be OK. 

I'll submit a case.

Thank you!