STL360 changes the name of an image after insertion. Is this expected behavior?

Hi. STL360. Windows 10. Just updated STL today 3.49.24347.0

When I insert an image, STL changes the title in the timeline. This is not beneficial. It makes it impossible for me to double check I have the correct image in.  Is this expected behavior? 

Why does this happen? Can I stop it from happening? :36 video attached


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Veronica Budnikas

Hey Katie,

That is very odd. I just updated my SL and I don't get that issue. 

I presume you are inserting a new image, not replacing an image (and this new 06 image does not in fact exist?)??

Have you tried to replicate this issue in a new project file?

Sounds like you might need to submit a support case.

Katie Saunders

Correct. Inserting a new/single stand alone image. There is not an "_06" image in the folder at all.

I can't replicate it in a new project file so not sure how helpful a support case will be since the answer appears to be "who knows why it's doing it right now, in this particular project" kind of thing...

Thanks for trying to replicate. As long as it's not expected behavior, I'm OK with the mystery...