Stop a quiz if user fails before reaching the end

May 29, 2019


I have to republish (I have exhausted all attempts to change the tide) a course with an extremely long quiz - 83 questions. The learner must score 80% to pass. Submit one at a time, no feedback.

In the current version, the questions are unnumbered and you have to answer all of them before you find out if you failed. 

I am making some improvements to the course - like showing progress - and I would love to be able to stop the quiz as soon as the person fails and give them the opportunity to revisit the content and reset the quiz instead of making them answer all 83 questions even if they have failed by the time they hit question 30. 

I hope this is clear.

My end users thank you in advance. 

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Eric Rowland

Hey Alex, 

Are you using the built-in quiz slides and results slide?

If you are, the score results page lists the percentage score as: Results.ScorePercent.


I just tested this a bit with 3 question slides and I added a conditional trigger to the feedback of the 3rd question that states that if the user is below 66% it fails them. If it above 66%, they continue on.

I know you mentioned no feedback, so you would need to see how you can add this trigger to the slides or the submit interaction. 

Here is my screen:

What you are seeing is the trigger wizard that has the condition of results.scoreprecent and the % that is needed. But this is on a feedback layer. 

Long story short - you can do it with the Results.ScorePercent variable that is built into the regular quiz slides. 


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