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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dave -- I can't say I have seen anyone share an example of what you are hoping to accomplish either, but please give Daniel's suggestion a go and let us know if that will do the trick for you! You may also want to post over in the Building Better Courses forum for this design-related question to see what more other folks can suggest!

Best of luck with your project and please feel free to share your final product here to inspire others who come across this thread with a similar query. :)

David Lee

Hi All

It seemed not to be possible the way I wanted to do it. The Idea was a Wack-a-mole style game to squish bugs. The way I got around it was to create a "Down" state for each moving object. that had the splat image, then have the trigger to set the state to "Hidden" on click (plus Add points) . It isn't perfect as sometimes the click doesn't register on the moving object but it seems ok for my needs. I can post an example if anyone is interested. 

Thanks All !

Christie Pollick

Hi, Dave -- Thanks so much for sharing your sample, and perhaps others in the community would be able to weigh in with additional ideas you can try regarding the speed of the animation movement. Or, for additional design-related input, it's always a great idea to post over in our Building Better Courses forum as well to see what more might be suggested! :)