Stop Lightbox from Resizing my Screen Recording?


I'd like to know if it's possible to run lightbox content from a screen without the lightbox content resizing (being presented in a smaller dimension).

Context: I've created a software screen recording in Storyline. I wish to access it form a single screen via the lightbox trigger, which works great.

However, a feature of Lightbox is that it reduces the size of the original screen it is pulling in. I.e. if the screen's were recorded at 900 x 400, they are brought in at 800 x 300 (for example). The problem is that re-sized raster images (the software being screen capped) becomes pixelated and looks very poor when downsized this way. I'd like to lightbox not to resize but to present the content full-size.

Is this doable?

I've tried to "simulate" lightbox as per other posts, using layers, but this isn't a solution as you don't seem to be able to bring a series of screens (a screen recording) into a layer. Or do I have that wrong?

Bottom line, I'd like to link to a screen recording without it being resized. I guess I could just "Jump to slide" to the screen cap slides, and paste a custom close button on each slide to return me to the originating page, but  that seems inelegant and overly manual. Especially as I'm building a template for a large organization of users who don't have time to fuss about.

Open to any ideas. Thanks much.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dave,

You're correct - it's not possible to resize the lightbox or keep it from scaling down. That's pretty much the purpose behind the feature, but I can understand how keeping it the original size of the slide or content of the slide might work best in your situation. 

Other than the suggestions you've already seen, perhaps one other might help;

  • Pull your simulation into a new project file as outlined in this tutorial
  • I would recommend disabling all of the player features in this particular version of the project - the menu, the navigation buttons (unless you need them in the simulation), the volume button - anything that you don't need just for the simulation.
  • Publish and upload that project to your web server or LMS.
  • Insert a web object on a slide for that particular project - you can adjust the web object to be larger than the slide if need be. You can even specify the size of the web object through formatting. So, if you need it to be exactly 900x400, that would work. Just keep in mind that you may need to adjust the sizing a little bit as there will be a slight player border around the simulation project.

Again, just a suggestion - but hopefully that helps!

Dave Ray

Hi Christine,

Thanks you very much for your response. Also appreciate your suggestions. I'm building a template for a client, so I'm afraid I need a simpler solution. I think I'll go with the Jump to Slide option.

Maybe a future build could have a lightbox feature that lets you define the size of the light box?

Thanks again!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dave,

Maybe a future build could have a lightbox feature that lets you define the size of the light box? 

I would certainly love to see something like that added in the future. I would recommend sending in a suggestion for this, if you haven't already. 

Have a great day and weekend, Dave! :)