Stop Quiz timer on Results slide

Howde Heros, this seems to be a long standing issue.

I'm doing some R&D into timed assessments using question banks. The issue is that the timer continues to count down even on the Results slide. Prefer this not to happen as we only want to time the time taken on questions. Once the timer ends the learner is taken to a results slide. 

If this is not possible to stop the timer on the results screen it's not the end of the world but it has the following impact....

A 'QuizAttempts' variable tracks the attempts (maximum 3). It increments when the timeline starts on the results screen. Providing their attempt is less than x3 they can have another go.

If the timer counts down on the results screen, the learner is prompted they've reached the time limit for the quiz. Clicking OK restarts the slide and then increments the QuizAttempt by 1. So this robs the learner off an attempt.

Other than that the assessment seems to be working well. Its just this last piece of the puzzle I'm trying to solve.

Maybe I just need to live with how the timer works and work out another way to track the attempts.

Source file uploaded for advice,

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Alex Arathoon

It's funny what happens when you put out a call for help... the following day I had an enlightened moment and the answer popped into my head.

Although the timer still counts down on the results screen I've stopped it from counting towards an attempt.

Methods - I simply inserted a 'dummy' screen before the quiz starts which increments the quiz by 1 attempt. This screen has a very short duration and automatically jumps to the quiz.

Each retry goes back to the 'dummy' screen for a new attempt.
Is there a way this can be a tutorial to assist other learners?
I've provided a clean version of the assessment file.