Stop/Start Storyline


I have a slide on which I have a circle of titled buttons.

I have an audio track on the slide. The audio provides a description of features associated with the button title.

I have synched the audio to the progression around the circle of buttons.

I want to stop the progression around the circle at various buttons to enable viewers to click on the button and activate an associated layer. 

I need to be able to pause the timeline without involving the viewer in the process, eg clicking on a "pause" button.  Is it possible to build such a pause into the timeline?

many thanks,

Arthur Loughran

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Arthur Loughran

Hi Michael and Prakash,

Thanks both for your input.

I solved the problem by making giving each image in the circle an opaque hotspot linked to a layer which contains the relevant piece of audio.  I then introduce the story and invite the viewer to "discover" the additional information by clicking on each image.


Arthur Loughran