Stop watch quiz question

Jul 29, 2016

Hello, I am new to Storyline so I have been spending some time just playing with the program. I have been thinking up different interaction ideas and then seeing how/if I can build them. 

I tried to create a quiz question about timing. For example, the question may be:

How many seconds do you have to wash your hands?

I wanted to make an interaction where the user would click around a timer/stopwatch to choose their answer. I also tried to make the hand of the stopwatch rotate. I would also like the user to receive feedback. 

I tried and failed (so far). There are many issues. One is that my triggers end up covered by objects and layers. Once covered (on the base layer) I cant click them anymore.

This trial and error method is great for learning, but I often end up building things the hard way. I attached my attempt. If you were to build this, what would be the best way to do it?


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Ron Price

I would consider a hotspot question.  The only additional triggers you would need would be the State Change Triggers.  Your current version has a lot of triggers that you may not need.

I have attached a version of your slide using the method I described.  I only edited 5-30 seconds.... my hands were not that dirty . .  . :) 

This is probably enough to give you a proof of concept.

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