Stopping a countdown watch

Nov 22, 2020


Creating a game with a countdown watch.

Managed to set the countdown but- I can not figure out how to set the triggers to stop the countdown when it gets to zero.



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Shevi,

To stop the c lock, you simply need to add two conditions to your trigger such that it only subtracts 1 from the Seconds if Minutes > 0 OR Seconds > 0.

Once you get down to zero minutes, the seconds will still count down until you get to zero seconds as your trigger is set up for one condition or the other condition to be satisfied. Once it also reaches zero seconds, the count will stop as neither trigger is satisfied.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Shevi,

The attached example is a countdown clock I provided a while ago in answer to another post. I thought you might be interested in it as it uses a different approach to showing and hiding a timer layer and instead uses a shape moving along a one-second motion path to act as the counter. As the shape is off to the side of the slide, it isn't visible to the user.

Both techniques are commonly used, but I always use the moving shape option out of choice.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Shevi,

In the attached example I have used the bouncing rectangle timer in a layer on the Master Slide and then used triggers on the master slide base layer to reset the variables for mins, secs and timer, when the timeline starts on the slide. This ensures that the timer resets each time you jump to a new slide.

As you are only using a 2 minute timer, you don't actually need a state change of the text box displaying the mins variable to include a leading zero, however I have still included it in case you want to increase your timer above 9 minutes.

If you want to vary the minutes on a particular slide, just add a trigger to the base layer of that slide to reset the mins variable when the timeline starts. For example:

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