Stopping and starting audio

Jan 17, 2013

I have a presentation that has audio on a  slide with other interactions on it. There are three markers that describe elements on the screen and each of those three marks also has audio. Those markers are also timed with the audio to appear at a specific point in the timeline.

I"ve been able to stop the main audio when users click on any of the markers but when the user is finished with that marker the main audio does not resume. I want the user to click on each of the markers before they can proceed with the training and I have a hint layer that appears when the user clicks the next button before I want them to. Again, the same problem with audio. I've included a sample file so you can see what I'm talking about. It's the third slide in the presentation. Any help would be great.

Jesse Kramer

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Garth Yorko

I was able to do it with a simple variable and layers instead of the markers.  The variable is a number variable (CloseTotal) initially set to 0.

First create a trigger to play the audio when the timeline starts

Instead of the markers, I used buttons.  There is a trigger to pause the audio when the user clicks each of the buttons.  There is also a trigger to open a layer with the information you want to provide.  On the layer is a close icon or button.  It has a trigger to close the layer and another trigger to add 1 to CloseTotal.  I repeated that for each layer, in my example, there are only two layers.

Back on the Main Layer, I created a trigger to play the audio when the CloseTotal variable change with the condition that CloseTotal is greater than or equal to 2