Stopping audio on layers when user clicks buttons on base

Nov 04, 2015

Hi everyone,

I have built an interaction which progressively builds up a picture of steps over three years of a PhD as the user clicks on buttons 1-9 on the base layer. The base layer and all the layers have audio on them describing what happens at each step.  I am concerned that students will be inclined to not wait for the audio on each layer to complete and will press the next numbered button.  

I have added triggers to each of the buttons on the base layer to stop the base layer audio if the user presses any of the 9 buttons to initiate the layers. So far so good.  See attachment 1.

My problem is that the trigger options for stopping the audio on the layers only relate to the items on the layer.  See attachment 2

For example, I cannot work out how to stop the audio on layer 1, when the user click on the layer 2 button.  Both audios play at the same time. The user is able to see the base layer at all times as the buttons are located on the bottom of the base layer.  

Can anyone offer an elegant solution.


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Jason Reed

Hi Lilian,

I have a couple of ideas to try.

One option that might help is to put the buttons on each layer. So when you click for layer 1, you go to that layer and you get the button for layer 2 and so on.

If you would like users to be able to visit any layer out of sequence, you can still have your buttons on the base layer, but then the same buttons on each other layer.

Combine this with the pause base layer option and that might work?

The other thing to do would be to add triggers to the buttons. So, if I'm on layer 3 and I want to go to layer 4, the trigger should pause the media on layer 3 when I click Button 4 (or any other button on that layer).

Does this make sense? I'm happy to go into more detail if you'd like :)

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