Stopping looping audio


I have a slide sequence that goes like this:

Slide A has 4 choices on it and audio instructions telling the user to click any of the four choices (B,C,D,E)

Clicking a choice takes them to another slide, they listen and view the content, then click Continue to go back to Slide A to make another choice. When 4 choices  have been made the Continue button takes them to the conclusion (F)  That part is fine and dandy.

The problem is the introductory instructions repeat each time which is really dorky sounding. 

Ideally, I'd like to insert an audio that plays "Make another selection" or even just have silence.  I am new to variables and conditions and am on a time crunch and don't have time to figure it out on my own.  Can anyone help?  Thanks!!

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John Morehead


One way to fix this is to make a duplicate of "Slide A" without the audio.  Once the user makes the first choice, you can use the Slide Properties in Presenter to send them to the "Duplicate Slide A" instead of the real one.  Using the Menu editor, you can hide the "Duplicate Slide A" on the menu panel and it is transparent to the learner that you've sent them to another slide.

Cristina Devrin

You can create a variable to track whether or not it is the user's first visit to the slide. And then create a trigger that will pause the audio if it is not the first visit. Something like this......

I created a new variable called "RepeatVisit" with a default value of False. Then added a trigger to the slide to adjust the variable to True when the timeline starts (so basically, after the first visit the variable will be set to True already).

I then added a trigger to the slide to pause the audio if the variable is equal to true (to prevent the audio from playing on repeat visits).

A couple tips to note - You'll want the pause media trigger listed first before the variable adjustment so it doesn't pause the media on your first visit like so....

You'll also want to make sure that your audio is not right at zero on the timeline (so it starts at a fraction of a second in....I've found at zero it will not always pause the media).

Hope that is helpful.

Cristina Devrin

Looks like you might need to edit the trigger that is setting repeat visit to True. From your last screenshot, it appears as though there is a condition on there to set it to true IF it is equal to true. You'd want to remove that condition....

If you'd be willing to post your .story file, I'd be happy to take a look at it.

Karen Sugalski

Seems I spoke too soon or messed something up that I'm not seeing

In the attached file are two scenes.  In scene one I get audio issue to work plus a counting loop. 

 In the second scene is my actual file.  The counting loop works but I can't get the audio to work. 

I'[d appreiate any help.  Thanks

Karen Sugalski

In reference to the above.  I've gotten the initial audio to stop when the user goes back to Slide A to make another suggestion (thanks to everyone for their help).

Now I'd like to add a second audio that says "Make another selection" when the user does loop back.  I've tried setting different conditions and can get other things to work or not work but cant quite get this right.  Any help is appreciated.