Stopping other media from video control


I have a video embedded in a screen.  I have a separate audio file which introduces the screen.  If the user clicks the video controls to launch the video, the sound file continues playing competing with the narration on the video. I can't seem to find a way to insert a stop media trigger to the launch of the video using the video controls.  Any ideas?

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Robin Hoyle

Hi Kevin

Thanks for replying.

The video is inserted into the slide.  The issue is not with the video - the controls work perfectly. 

The problem is that the slide has an introductory audio - positioning the video and giving the user instruction about how to watch the video.  If the user clicks the play button on the video before the end of the initial narration, the audio carries on playing at the same time as the video - which also has audio narration. As you can imagine that's a little confusing. 

Usually where there is the possibility that a user will click something before an audio has ended, I simply insert a trigger to stop the sound file from playing once the user clicks something else - especially if the new layer or new object also includes audio.  However, the automatic video controls don't appear as an object on screen which a trigger can be applied to.  I was wondering if there is a way of either inserting a 'stop media' trigger when the user clicks the video control, or disabling the video control until the audio had ended.  Any ideas?


Michael Hinze

There may be easier ways to do this, but one option would be to put a custom play/pause button over the built-in one. In the screenshot below I offset the custom button slightly, so that you can see both. You can then add triggers to the custom button that stops the audio, starts the video and changes the state of the custom button. Here is an example.

Kevin Thorn

Michael has a great solution. 

Another approach (easier is subjective) is to add a trigger to "Stop Media [video name] when timeline starts." Or select the video and then in the Media Tools format tab ensure the video is set to begin from a trigger.

The *trick* is to create shape the same dimensions as the video including the play bar. Fill color can be anything but select 'no outline.' Then set the transparency to 100%. This acts as a screen where the video nor the play bar can be clicked.

Finally, set a trigger to hide that screen when the audio narration ends - Change the state of [screen] to Hidden when media [audio] completes.

Couple things happening here. The video does not start when the timeline starts. User cannot click on any portion of the video until given access (screen). Control when the screen is hidden based on the this case when the audio narration completes.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Krista!

Thanks for checking back in on this request! We don't currently have a built-in feature for adding triggers to the video controls. I see there are workarounds listed in this discussion but if it's not the fix you're looking for, would you mind adding additional details to what you're hoping to build?